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the xbox cometh

So I am only a few years late to the game, but I finally got an Xbox 360 today.

Ordered it from Amazon with GTA IV, but the game itself is taking longer to ship.

I set it up, did updates, created ID, then realized I needed to setup an ID in LIVE.

Setup LIVE ID, paid for 12 months of Gold, and then needed an update to display video.

I understand the need for updates, but the whole setup process took too long and too many accounts.

There should be an obvious option for me to do all the data entry via a web browser on a PC on my LAN.

So now that I played audio and video from two PCs (WMP11), played back audio and video from my Zune attached via USB, and set everything up, it is time for a real game.

Went to the mall about bought a new copy of “Assasin’s Creed” for $30 and a 2nd wireless controller.

Played a little bit last night and dig AC.¬† Need to play more, but I won’t have much time today as I am going to a meatspace event… a wedding ūüėČ

Barack Obama Rally Bloomington, IN

So I shot video of most of the speech.

UPDATED: Link to my video of the rally.

Have photos on Flickr too.

Rob Riggle (from the Daily Show) was there as well.

I paid attention to him and the bouncing gigantic beach balls until Senator Obama finally arrived.

The line(s) to get in was pretty crazy.

Assembly Hall wasn’t full, but was pretty close.

@goodhands coverage

Some youtube video

The Obama Stream from

More Rob Riggle

Officlal Obama pictures on flickr

I will miss him (only for Daily Show content)

I NEVER voted for this man.
He stole the presidency TWICE!
I HATE him.
but.. he is so and stupid… that he is hella funny.
Good bye president moron!

Skype: weird audio tours of the globe

I just installed Skype so I could call my cell phone and try to find it.

Wandered around Skypecasts for shits and giggles and joined a couple calls.

I got a call back from someone in one of the calls. He was from Pakistan.

Things were really cool for a while.

I tried to ask him about USA politics to see if he had heard of the US primaries.

He hadn’t, so I turned the subject to Musharif.

Dude I was talking to did NOT like Musharif.. as much as most US residents do NOT like Bush.

He did, in fact, equates them to each other.

The conversation then seemed to descend into a quest to get money or products from me, but I will admit Iit could simply have been a bad translation moment.

As far as I know, he really is a 19yo kid who lives on a farm in Pakistan.

Here is a link he sent me

Skype is weird.

A good day

So today was the first day I took my work laptop outside and it is just a sad state of affairs.

Why do are all laptops (sans OLPC) so horrible in direct sunlight?

At this point in time, should we not have better screens?

I got around some of the problems by making my mouse pointer super annoying.

Mouse trails and giant cursors both helped a bunch, but after a while I had to cower in the shade.

There needs to be a simple filter/glasses combination that works around the problems.

Some hot bloggy linkness

‘Scratching’¬†(spikes sent this one to me) with¬†audio¬†cassettes¬†and¬†the¬†guy¬†isn’t¬†even¬†from¬†Cuban¬†or¬†Russia

or some other place where it is hard to find a turntable.

Some twitter tools
Utterz: Pics and such to social shizzle from your cell
Hellotxt: post to multiple microblogs from one place.
Tweet Clouds: search through twitter data for tags and such
Want to get rid of those files OS X leaves on your Windows drives?  Lifehacker has a fix for you.

BillShrink: find the cheapest cell phone plan in your area (via TechCrunch)


All Songs Considered sneak preview of cool upcoming music.

MsPinky’s ‚ÄúMaxi-Patch‚ÄĚ: control¬†digital¬†files¬†(including video) using¬†your¬†turntable

MuxTape:¬†make¬†free custom¬†online¬†MP3¬†‘mix¬†tapes’.

Just a tweet-hint

You can follow me on twitter. I think that is cool, but if I go check out your profile and all it says is “I want more people to follow me on Twitter”… I will NOT follow you.

at least tell me what sandwich you ate ūüėČ

image from MechanicallySeparate dOkra

I despise DSL.

I thought I had gotten away from it, after my year of pain back in 2003 with a DSL contract.

It seemed like a better deal, but I missed Cable BB (and learned my lesson).

Now after 5 years not having to deal with DSL, my parents have it (sounds/feels like a disease).

DSL is good when it works as they came from Satellite internet which was slower and more expensive.

Problem is that the SAT BB seems to have had less problems.

This time the problem is static on the line.

I am guessing it is the wiring somewhere in their house or that runs to their other buildings

I told people I would not help them with AOL back when people still used it and not DSL is ‘the new AOL’.

This makes so much sense: think “salad spinner for your laundry”

Spin Dryer

Indiana voter registration deadline April 7th

You can print a form or complete online.

The link will let you know my voting preference for the In Dem primary.

New Bjork video for ‘Wanderlust’

This video is so neat.

and there is a ‘making of’ video
Wanderlust – the making of wanderlust
via LaughingSquid

wordpress (blogger import) woes

So somehow wordpress can ‘see’ my blogger blog and authorize, but then there are no posts listed to load. [monkey jumper]!