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GTA IV made me do it.


So I have a birthday coming up and I don’t have a next-gen console.
I own a Dreamcast, PS2, and PSP and my household also has an NES, SNES, and N64.
My couple-year-old HDTV is aching for some more HD goodness and I must do what my electronic devices ‘want’.

The TV talking to me while I sleep, and the constant barrage of GTA IV ads and discussion made me anxious about someone ruining a plot point.  So, much like I went to see Iron-Man this weekend, I was forced by my fears of ‘spoilers’ to buy a 360.

Today I saw that Amazon had a deal where you get $30 off when you buy a console and the game at the same time. That and a trial for Amazon Prime got the price way down even with 1 day shipping.

All these factors and what fields like the world were telling me to buy it, so I finally did.

So I sit here… waiting… how many hours will it take? Come on shipping company… be fast!

HRC (barely) wins Indiana DEM primary

obama HRC Indiana Primary results

Obama (BARELY) loses Indiana…

51% to 49%

637,389 HRC, 615,370 Obama, difference only 22,019 votes.

And they both get about the same number of delegates.

Indiana DEM Primary 2008

My original plan was to vote early, but that didn’t happen.

I simply rode my bike over to get a newspaper to see if I could learn something about the non-pres primary folks. So the Herald-Times for today and yesterday were just useless. I don’t think they really understand what you should do with a local paper.

Anyway I have voted… now it is time to wait and see what the rest of the state does.

See this post for result updates.

Looks like things are a bit faster

I have disabled all but 3 plug-ins for WordPress and things seem to be responding a little quicker now.

It was really bad for a minute; it took about 26 seconds for the site to load yesterday… ouch

Now I need to figure out why Twitter Tools posted my daily digest the first day and hasn’t since.

Then need to get the old blog stuff here and fix the log.  My list of “WordPress To Dos” is getting much shorter.

An old photo

06.03.2007 Max's 071.jpg

Even closer…

Thanks to this post, I think I now have the silly prefix removed from the blog WordPress to Twitter handshake.

Really getting into wordpress

I am getting really into WordPress.  I have no ide why I didn’t use it more in the past.

I don’t think it was this easy to setup WordPress on my server the last time I attempted to get it configured.

Just upgraded and installed some plug-ins.

Trying to get WP and Twitter to talk without a feedback loop.

slowly, but surely

So I still need to customize it a bit, but I have a working site going with WordPress.

Next step…

getting the years of Blogger content into the WP database.