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Barack Obama Rally Bloomington, IN

So I shot video of most of the speech.

UPDATED: Link to my video of the rally.

Have photos on Flickr too.

Rob Riggle (from the Daily Show) was there as well.

I paid attention to him and the bouncing gigantic beach balls until Senator Obama finally arrived.

The line(s) to get in was pretty crazy.

Assembly Hall wasn’t full, but was pretty close.

@goodhands coverage

Some youtube video

The Obama Stream from

More Rob Riggle

Officlal Obama pictures on flickr

Looks like things are a bit faster

I have disabled all but 3 plug-ins for WordPress and things seem to be responding a little quicker now.

It was really bad for a minute; it took about 26 seconds for the site to load yesterday… ouch

Now I need to figure out why Twitter Tools posted my daily digest the first day and hasn’t since.

Then need to get the old blog stuff here and fix the log.  My list of “WordPress To Dos” is getting much shorter.

Even closer…

Thanks to this post, I think I now have the silly prefix removed from the blog WordPress to Twitter handshake.

techno’s tweets for 2008-03-31

  • Gin & Tonic with lime or olive? Right now I am in an olive mood. #
  • @leoplaporte are you carrying $30K worth (hyperbolic) of hardware to the other side of the globe? #
  • wordpressing it up! #
  • What the hell happened to Ben Stiller?
    Wasn’t he funny 10 years ago? #
  • @hoohoonick thanks man… welcome to you too 😉 #
  • @hoohoonick think I saw u in twitter cross-traffic. U posted to someone I follow? Probably 1 o the ‘big boys" scoble, davewiner or such. #
  • @hoohoonick So that means we’ve never ‘met’ until today… so nice to meet you 😉 #
  • Listening to the latest "This American Life" and it feels more like an audio episode of Frontline. So how many days ’til we get a new p … #
  • how did my sleep ‘schedule’ get so bad that it is now almost 9am and I realize i need to go to bed.. must obey biology… #
  • @gabemccurdy as long as you keep broadband… you really don’t need cable anymore… *cough torrent *cough #
  • @gabemccurdy I have PC torrenting 24/7. avoid movies. TV seems 2b the safest DL. seeding for a long time is what gets you in trouble. #
  • @gabemccurdy depending upon your ISP, you may get throttled sometimes though, but I get 900+k total DL on a regular basis. #
  • @gabemccurdy sure man.. it would be cool to see you. let me know how your schedule works out… #
  • @davewiner so I guess HRC cannot use the pharma and insurance industry money they gave her to pay for insurance 😉 #
  • Listening to Charity Case by Gnarls Barkley #
  • Listening to Who’s Gonna Save My Soul by Gnarls Barkley #
  • Listening to Going On by Gnarls Barkley #
  • Listening to Run (I’m a Natural Disaster) by Gnarls Barkley #
  • Listening to Would Be Killer by Gnarls Barkley #
  • ok cancelled that ‘now playing’ winamp lugin as it was annoying ME #

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Really getting into wordpress

I am getting really into WordPress.  I have no ide why I didn’t use it more in the past.

I don’t think it was this easy to setup WordPress on my server the last time I attempted to get it configured.

Just upgraded and installed some plug-ins.

Trying to get WP and Twitter to talk without a feedback loop.