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the xbox cometh

So I am only a few years late to the game, but I finally got an Xbox 360 today.

Ordered it from Amazon with GTA IV, but the game itself is taking longer to ship.

I set it up, did updates, created ID, then realized I needed to setup an ID in LIVE.

Setup LIVE ID, paid for 12 months of Gold, and then needed an update to display video.

I understand the need for updates, but the whole setup process took too long and too many accounts.

There should be an obvious option for me to do all the data entry via a web browser on a PC on my LAN.

So now that I played audio and video from two PCs (WMP11), played back audio and video from my Zune attached via USB, and set everything up, it is time for a real game.

Went to the mall about bought a new copy of “Assasin’s Creed” for $30 and a 2nd wireless controller.

Played a little bit last night and dig AC.¬† Need to play more, but I won’t have much time today as I am going to a meatspace event… a wedding ūüėČ

GTA IV made me do it.


So I have a birthday coming up and I don’t have a next-gen console.
I own a Dreamcast, PS2, and PSP and my household also has an NES, SNES, and N64.
My couple-year-old HDTV is aching for some more HD goodness and I must do what my electronic devices ‘want’.

The TV talking to me while I sleep, and the constant barrage of GTA IV ads and discussion made me anxious about someone ruining a plot point.¬† So, much like I went to see Iron-Man this weekend, I was forced by my fears of ‘spoilers’ to buy a 360.

Today I saw that Amazon had a deal where you get $30 off when you buy a console and the game at the same time. That and a trial for Amazon Prime got the price way down even with 1 day shipping.

All these factors and what fields like the world were telling me to buy it, so I finally did.

So I sit here… waiting… how many hours will it take? Come on shipping company… be fast!

HRC (barely) wins Indiana DEM primary

obama HRC Indiana Primary results

Obama (BARELY) loses Indiana…

51% to 49%

637,389 HRC, 615,370 Obama, difference only 22,019 votes.

And they both get about the same number of delegates.

Indiana DEM Primary 2008

My original plan was to vote early, but that didn’t happen.

I simply rode my bike over to get a newspaper to see if I could learn something about the non-pres primary folks. So the Herald-Times for today and yesterday were just useless. I don’t think they really understand what you should do with a local paper.

Anyway I have voted… now it is time to wait and see what the rest of the state does.

See this post for result updates.

Trancers: crap-tacular sci-fi

From the makers of “Puppet Master” comes a movie that is even worse. The acting is horrible, stunts laughable, effects cheesy, and acting abismal. If that if your cup of tea, rent “Trancers”. I had not seen it until today and man do I wish I had not, but at least I now have the experience of seeing a seriously bad ‘USA network in the 1980’s’ genre garbage-flic. The budget was obviously less than that of an episode of MacGyver and the overall quality of the film/video was just junk. Perhaps it was shot straight to video? Anyway, here is a boom mic in one of the scenes… not even really an important few seconds that couldn’t have been dropped in the edit, but they let it in. Super sloppy and lazy.
I almost want to remake this whole movie shot for shot as a parody. I could surely do better effects and can borrow a scooter (they ride scooters around).

The DVD menu link that labeled ‘web site’ plays a video of the mailing address and says “Send us a letter”… really? Wow.

Facial Hair: O what time changes


Looking into the mirror after a fresh hair clip and shave today, I couldn’t help but think back (wavy lines) In high-school I was a bit down about my lack of facial hair. Unfortunately, this was one of the few things in life my ‘wishing’ worked. I now have facial hair everywhere on the sphere of my head except: 1. 2 ‘silver dollar size’ circles below my eyes. 2. one mom’s side of the family balding region on the top of my head. 3. one dad’s side of the family balding region on the front of the top of my head. 4. inside my ears (time will change that I suppose)

BBC should extend license fees to N America

It would make so much sense for the BBC to offer streaming television (IPTV) in N America.

With the launch of the BBC iPlayer, we know the technology is already there.

The BBC has a huge opportunity to  make gigantic audience inroads.

Potentially, they would be able to sell N America the same programming without having to operate any physical terrestrial broadcast equipment.

Yes, they would most likely need to locate some additional server in the Americas, but the probable cost/viewer ration dropping for IP only TV, it should be a way to subsidize British TV using overseas funds.

From¬†best¬†I¬†can¬†tell¬†the¬†annual¬†fee¬†for “residents of the UK pay ¬£116.00 a year for a color TV license”.

I think the biggest obstacle would be existing BBC America deals with cable and satellite.

Come on BBC!

I¬†want¬†your¬†content¬†(Sky¬†too)¬†but¬†I¬†don’t¬†want nor need ¬†US cable¬†or¬†satellite¬†money¬†grubbers¬†in¬†the¬†middle.