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Miike Snow – Genghis Khan (Official Video)


So far the singles for this album are pretty darn good!

I am looking forward to the album being released.

Here is a cool cover of the same song.

Here are some other tracks from the new album.



And some older ones




Links, music, and video for 09.23.2015


This report is rad and calls out the hypocritical republican rhetoric. Fiorina implies her daughter died from pot? Fear mongering!

The Second Season of Serial Will Be About Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Old King’s Island ride from the 80s I never rode, but heard about.

From Laughing Squid


Weee Giant @ ABCO in oakland 11.17.2008 Craftmeet (video)

ABCO oakland Wee Giant 11.17.2008

ABCO oakland Wee Giant 11.17.2008 02

11.17.2008 ABCO 03 from zebtron on Vimeo.

ABCO Craftmeet 11.17.2008 photos

ABCO Craftmeet 11.17.2008 photos

Wee Giant
11.17.2008, 11.16.2008, hemlock, san francisco 008

11.17.2008, 11.16.2008, hemlock, san francisco 012

11.17.2008, 11.16.2008, hemlock, san francisco 001

Uno Moss @ Bear’s 05.07.2008

Uno Moss played at Bears’ on 05.07.2008

Here are some photos



Video to come.

Snoop Dogg & Willie Nelson

Some hot bloggy linkness

‘Scratching’ (spikes sent this one to me) with audio cassettes and the guy isn’t even from Cuban or Russia

or some other place where it is hard to find a turntable.

Some twitter tools
Utterz: Pics and such to social shizzle from your cell
Hellotxt: post to multiple microblogs from one place.
Tweet Clouds: search through twitter data for tags and such
Want to get rid of those files OS X leaves on your Windows drives?  Lifehacker has a fix for you.

BillShrink: find the cheapest cell phone plan in your area (via TechCrunch)


All Songs Considered sneak preview of cool upcoming music.

MsPinky’s “Maxi-Patch”: control digital files (including video) using your turntable

MuxTape: make free custom online MP3 ‘mix tapes’.