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Photo book of images shot by a 4 year old


I just sponsored this. Makes me realize I should make a photo book of my more art-oriented images.

Hawkeye Hueys portrait of the American West

Links, music, and video for 09.23.2015


This report is rad and calls out the hypocritical republican rhetoric. Fiorina implies her daughter died from pot? Fear mongering!

The Second Season of Serial Will Be About Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Old King’s Island ride from the 80s I never rode, but heard about.

From Laughing Squid


Some photos

light "long exposure"

light "long exposure"

light "long exposure"

light "long exposure"

04.09.2008_sun&light 009

light "long exposure" "uno moss"

light "long exposure" "uno moss"

upland ashley allison

upland ashley allison

BBC should extend license fees to N America

It would make so much sense for the BBC to offer streaming television (IPTV) in N America.

With the launch of the BBC iPlayer, we know the technology is already there.

The BBC has a huge opportunity to  make gigantic audience inroads.

Potentially, they would be able to sell N America the same programming without having to operate any physical terrestrial broadcast equipment.

Yes, they would most likely need to locate some additional server in the Americas, but the probable cost/viewer ration dropping for IP only TV, it should be a way to subsidize British TV using overseas funds.

From best I can tell the annual fee for “residents of the UK pay £116.00 a year for a color TV license”.

I think the biggest obstacle would be existing BBC America deals with cable and satellite.

Come on BBC!

I want your content (Sky too) but I don’t want nor need  US cable or satellite money grubbers in the middle.

Isn’t it 2008?