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I was not familiar with Kölsch (although it mainly is just top fermented from my understanding*) before Köln, but now that I had several while in Germany I have found a few here!

Berkeley Bowl has one from Ballast Point.


Beer Advocate has a bit more

As well as one from Cali Craft , the Cali Cöast.


They tend to be less bubbly due to the way they are fermented which means you can drink them a bit more than a beer with more bubbles.

*My friend Nina added “…and fermented a little bit colder than an ale…”

Visit Bloomington like a person who doesn’t live here

Had dinner at Tallent the other day.  It was really good and the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Tiny Salad
04.22.2008 tallent salad

04.22.2008 tallent vegan risotto