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Facial Hair: O what time changes


Looking into the mirror after a fresh hair clip and shave today, I couldn’t help but think back (wavy lines) In high-school I was a bit down about my lack of facial hair. Unfortunately, this was one of the few things in life my ‘wishing’ worked. I now have facial hair everywhere on the sphere of my head except: 1. 2 ‘silver dollar size’ circles below my eyes. 2. one mom’s side of the family balding region on the top of my head. 3. one dad’s side of the family balding region on the front of the top of my head. 4. inside my ears (time will change that I suppose)

I wish every company was as nice as my bank

Spent yesterday dealing with billing, tech support, and such from 4 different companies to try to get my Comcast billing straightened out. Short story is that Comcast dropped the ball and lost my third party billing (work pays for a BB connection) billing information in the transition from Insight to Comcast.

I finally got the tech support folks at work to call some people with pull and got it fixed in a few hours.

Today my consumer experience was much better. I called my bank and visited a branch.

The people are always nice, and helpful.

So I whined about how crummy Comcast is, now I am praising Monroe Bank (Bloomington, IN).