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Videos and thoughts about David Bowie


Sadly, the news of David Bowie’s passing surfaced today.

He had such a huge impact on culture, art, and music.

If you haven’t done so already, start listening to this.

I love his music very much and his new record that was introduced last Friday on his 69th birthday is no different.


I admired his push to do things differently.


He pushed visual art in his shows, videos, and other projects.


And was an accomplished actor as well.


Thanks for all the great art Mr Bowie and best to your family.


Here are some videos from his latest album that he released on his 69th birthday last Friday, 2 days before his passing.

And this song… the lyrics seem to be him coming to term with his death.

Can he get out the thoughts in time?

From 2013

And one of my favorites from the 90s.


And how about some music from his tour with NIN in 1995?


Some humor

Ricky Gervais talking about meeting Bowie

and some older videos

And a cover by Morcheeba.

And more music!



The story behind David Bowie’s 1976 weed arrest and subsequent mugshot


This biography (David Robert Jones) documentary is 1hr 26min long.

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