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Adding a simple and useful clock to Chrome

I use a dual display setup right now in Windows 10. I was using 3, but I had 2 die, and scavenged one, so I am back to 2 (or really about 1.5).

I am not aware of any way, without using a 3rd party tool (like DisplayFusion), to show the system clock on multiple displays in the start menu/dock in Windows 10, but I did find a simple and flexible clock for the Chrome toolbar.

This helps out when video is maximized on the display with the system tray clock.

Customize the clock in the toolbar.

Clock for Google Chrome_appearance

Clock for Google Chrome_format

Click it for a larger version. Clock for Google Chrome_big

Supports reminder and different interval chimes (on the hour, every 15, or every 30 min)

Clock for Google Chrome_reminders


Check out Clock for Google Chrome™.

Developer’s site

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