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October 17th, 2015:

Sploid Short Film Festival




The Pavement



The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright

All available on the Sploid Youtube channel.

Journey journal tool


I kept a digital journal for more than 4 years, but sadly the company (OhLife I miss you!) closed shop. I have not been as good about keeping a journal since, but heard good things about Journey and finally started using it.

So far I dig it. You can use it on pretty much any device and the interface is simple and automates recording some aspects of the day including location and weather.


It is free and available as a Chrome app, an Android app, and via the web.

So far I’ve just been using the Chrome app, but dig it. Give it a try if you are in need a a digital journal tool!

new mad max: 8-bit treatment

Tokyo, Venice, and Switzerland from a drone