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October 13th, 2015:

Apollo Missions images and video


Apollo Missions



Runkeeper Walks in Germany and Amsterdam

Runkeeper in Europe


I was not familiar with Kölsch (although it mainly is just top fermented from my understanding*) before Köln, but now that I had several while in Germany I have found a few here!

Berkeley Bowl has one from Ballast Point.


Beer Advocate has a bit more

As well as one from Cali Craft , the Cali Cöast.


They tend to be less bubbly due to the way they are fermented which means you can drink them a bit more than a beer with more bubbles.

*My friend Nina added “…and fermented a little bit colder than an ale…”

Links 10.13.2015

previously unreleased footage of 1955 atomic bomb testing


Ruffalo and Leto are undercover at NY ComiCon 2015


#NYCC they had no idea 🙂

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Miniature film set museum

Toshiba’s new Dynapad is a Surface clone for people who draw




Photo book of images shot by a 4 year old


I just sponsored this. Makes me realize I should make a photo book of my more art-oriented images.

Hawkeye Hueys portrait of the American West