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October, 2015:

Sploid Short Film Festival




The Pavement



The Fleeting Little Life of Peter Wright

All available on the Sploid Youtube channel.

Journey journal tool


I kept a digital journal for more than 4 years, but sadly the company (OhLife I miss you!) closed shop. I have not been as good about keeping a journal since, but heard good things about Journey and finally started using it.

So far I dig it. You can use it on pretty much any device and the interface is simple and automates recording some aspects of the day including location and weather.


It is free and available as a Chrome app, an Android app, and via the web.

So far I’ve just been using the Chrome app, but dig it. Give it a try if you are in need a a digital journal tool!

new mad max: 8-bit treatment

Tokyo, Venice, and Switzerland from a drone

work in progress


Cyborg drummer short documentary

Cyborg drummer

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 5

14 Minutes of Deleted MONTY PYTHON Animation from Terry Gilliam


Portrait of the Buddha as a Deadbeat Dad

Creative arts

Some cool tutorials by artists on Wacom USA’s site

The most ridiculous wireless phone speaker system?

Concept? Cool! Price? Stupid!


Stupid expensive boombox for your phone.

I guess 20 hours of use is cool. A diamond in the front is just dumb.

“The best critical battery warning…” is really something this guy says.


He says is it $300, but it is listed as $889 plus shipping on Amazon now.

It is obvious he is Canadian based on how be said “about”. 😉

Vegan Iron Man food, crazy Columbian drugs, a 4k camera, and Stormtrooper costume DIY

Screenshot_101515_011336_AMVegan punk rock Iron Man!

This guy is effin’ awesome.

check out a strange and powerful drug called Scopolamine, also known as “The Devil’s Breath.”

4k 3-axis stabilized hand-held camera rig from DJI

A bit more info


Laser-Cut Millennium Falcon Kit!

How to Get Into Any Hotel Pool

Apollo Missions images and video


Apollo Missions



Runkeeper Walks in Germany and Amsterdam

Runkeeper in Europe


I was not familiar with Kölsch (although it mainly is just top fermented from my understanding*) before Köln, but now that I had several while in Germany I have found a few here!

Berkeley Bowl has one from Ballast Point.


Beer Advocate has a bit more

As well as one from Cali Craft , the Cali Cöast.


They tend to be less bubbly due to the way they are fermented which means you can drink them a bit more than a beer with more bubbles.

*My friend Nina added “…and fermented a little bit colder than an ale…”

Links 10.13.2015

previously unreleased footage of 1955 atomic bomb testing


Ruffalo and Leto are undercover at NY ComiCon 2015


#NYCC they had no idea 🙂

A photo posted by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on

Miniature film set museum

Toshiba’s new Dynapad is a Surface clone for people who draw




Photo book of images shot by a 4 year old


I just sponsored this. Makes me realize I should make a photo book of my more art-oriented images.

Hawkeye Hueys portrait of the American West