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September, 2015:



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Hands-on with the Sublevel Zero preview build—it’s Descent, and that’s great

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This report is rad and calls out the hypocritical republican rhetoric. Fiorina implies her daughter died from pot? Fear mongering!

The Second Season of Serial Will Be About Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

Old King’s Island ride from the 80s I never rode, but heard about.

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Why ROOT the HTC Thunderbolt?

How about a fast, new, & affordable phone you don’t need to root?

ROOTed Thunderbolt with alternative ROM installed (Liquid Smooth)
Apps requiring ROOT

The Advantages of ROOTing your Android phone

Warning: Modifying your phone could void the manufacturer’s warranty. The author is not responsible for anything you do to your phone. You have been warned!

The HTC Thunderbolt is a great older and currently very inexpensiveLTE/4G phone available on Verizon, but the stock version (with the HTC Sense UI) has some issues, among them battery life.

First: What is ROOTing?

HTC and Verizon have both locked the user from some functions and features on the Thunderbolt. A ROOTed phone allows full access to the some of the most basic elements of the device.

Once you have achieved ROOT access on your phone, in addition to being able to install other versions of Android, you can use apps that require ROOT access. A few good examples are apps that let you backup the device, share the phone’s data connection via wifi or USB (tether), and get better battery life by allowing you to tweak performance settings.

Underclocking the phone (running the processor below the top speed) is one way to save battery life and requires ROOT access. SetCPU is an app that lets you set your processor to run slower when you aren’t using the phone and at full speed when actively using the device. This can increase battery life tremendously.

Another benefit is the ability to install different versions of Android. In the PC world, it is like being able to install different versions of Windows or Linux.

I, for example, am currently runningLiquid Gingerbread v3.2, which is based on Android 2.3.7 (the stock ROM is based on 2.3.4). Once you have ROOT access, you can use an app, such as ROM Manager (available in the Android Market) to backup, download, and install other versions of Android (ROMs) on your phone. Such comprehensive backup is reason enough for some to ROOT their phone.

Revolutionary is the easiest tool to ROOT your Thunderbolt, but Verizon has been pushing out over-the-air (OTA) updates that upgrade the Thunderbolt from Build Number: 2.11.605.5 to Build Number: 2.11.605.9.

Revolutionary will, sadly, not work on 2.11.605.9, but if you have 2.11.605.5, the process is relatively simple.

Root time?

Ready to ROOT your Thunderbolt?

Make sure you have 2.11.605.5 and follow this guide by Lifehacker to complete the process.