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February, 2015:

Such a cool idea. Airborne wind turbines on tethered kites


via CBSLocal

The Katering Show

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Harrison ford will be in the new Blade Runner sequel. Ridley Scott is not directing.

Here is a humorous take on it.

New video and concept art for Google’s plans for expanding buildings in Mountain View.

via The Verge


Cool new bike station on 19th Street by BART in Oakland.


If you are still looking for a reason for legalizing cannabis… here you go
Man gets life in prison for selling $20 worth of weed to undercover cop

Shredded Rainbow Salad with Lemony Avocado Dressing

Some great videos

A sesame Street dead on parody of House of Cards.

A cool short movie on a Bonsai artist. Prompted Jess and I to check out the

American Shokunin from Ryan Bush on Vimeo.

Short documentary about the artwork for Joy Division’s 1979 record Unknown Pleasures.

Data Visualization Reinterpreted by VISUALIZED from VISUALIZED on Vimeo.

If you ever need a program closed when your VPN connection drops.

If anyone is looking for a program to kill specific applications if your VPN dies, then this is the one to use for Windows!

 VPN Watcher 1.1.


It works great!


Single cups coffee : cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

So if you don’t drink multiple cups of coffee at a time, this might make a lot of sense.


Get a Keurig.

Don’t buy their coffee.

Buy the ones from these guys.


Their 1 cup coffee is 98.6% biodegradable including the packaging.

Looks like the whole cartridge is compostable.

You save energy and water.

They end up being less than 40 cents per cup ($31.99/80).

It even comes with a Freedom Clip which defeats the stupid DRM on Keurig’s single serve coffee devices.


New updated resume!

More formats here.