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April, 2014:

Meyer Family photos shared via BitTorrent Sync

Trying out sharing files via BitTorrent Sync. Here are a bunch of images I scanned years ago of my grandmother and grandfather Meyer. Hey family, check them out. Setup bitTorrent Sync and then use the code (A4H7HDS4KAZG4O6SPNAKACHMVAJ4XH2VP) .

Links for bittorrent sync.

I originally posted this on Facebook, but the comments there are helpful in determining who some of the people are in the photos, so I copied it here in order to keep it.

You can see the comment string below.

Lazy Saturday

WOODOO from Andre Maat on Vimeo.

Video, links, and news for Friday 04.11.14 (Heartbleed fucks up the Internet)

I accumulated these links I wanted to check out over the course of the day, but saved reading and vieweing until the day was over.


Happy Weekend!



Heartbleed and the fallout is a big fucking deal!

This is so offensive and the exact sort of thing our government should be protecting us from, not exploiting like they are not hackers working for organized crime.

Sadly, at this point it is not surprising.

Report: NSA Exploited Heartbleed to Siphon Passwords for Two Years
Users’ Stark Reminder: As Web Grows, It Grows Less Secure
Flaw Calls for Altering Passwords, Experts Say
And in less serious news
The Many Alternative Computing Worlds of Linux
A Collection of Wonderful and Weird Amusements