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May 26th, 2011:

Documenting this before it goes the way I think it will

My mother got me an awesome new Android phone for my birthday.

I am switching from an iPhone 3G on AT&T to the HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon.

I will be on a Verizon Friends and family plan.

The hardest thing about the whole deal is keeping the 2 phone numbers we want where we want them.

Here comes number portability.

The FCC mandates carriers let you transfer or “port” your number to another carrier.

There was no easy way to do this initially and the carriers all balked at it.

They have to do it, but don’t want to make it easy and it potentially both costs them money to do it and loses potential income if you had been locked to a number on a specific carrier.

We want to port the verizon number in the 317 area code to an existing Google Voice 317 acct.

Then port my AT&T number to the Verizon Android phone.

After talking to 4 different people on the phone at Verizon, and getting hung up on and transferred to the wrong dept,

they told me to:


1. Use the Port number function on Google Voice to move the Verizon 317 number first.

2. After that (24 hours) call them to get the account out of cancellation.

  • I have to use a “winback” to get the account reactivated with the AT&T number.

They even mentioned having to waive the early termination fee, so I’m scared Verizon is going to royally jack this up! 🙁


The first transfer is pending on Google Voice last I checked.

Transfer was sent 19:42 yesterday.

Updates to come…