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February, 2010:


After a great Saturday, I was in an awesome mood Sunday and worked on a bunch of stuff!

Here are photos from an urban hike in Mountain View Cemetery.

You can see the bay in the distance on this panorama.
The grounds are pretty large and it was a great day, despite some clouds.
Entire set is here.

Here are pictures and video from the TV Mike and the Scarecrowes show at the Rickshaw Stop last Wednesday.

I also completed this painting…

Stage 2 today
Final stage
pixels and digits (completed and drying)

And worked on some animation.

It is pretty fun so far, but a slowish start as I’m figuring out a new program

The animation is based on a drawing that I refined as a digital work.

I’m jazzed about all the characters I have lying around already scanned.

I have a feeling I’m going to switch to an animation-specific tool at some point, but Scratch is pretty cool so far.

So… I say “Good Sunday!”

Let’s kick this week in the ass!

4th Annual Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight pics and video

Had friends visiting from Portland and we went to this event.

Click here is the entire photo set
02.14.2010 2010 Valentine's Pillow Fight 097
It was a feathery-messy-fun time!

02.14.2010 2010 Valentine's Pillow Fight 036
02.14.2010 2010 Valentine's Pillow Fight 037
02.14.2010 2010 Valentine's Pillow Fight 038
02.14.2010 2010 Valentine's Pillow Fight 093

It almost looks like snow!