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June, 2009:

Lesser Lights at Cafe du Norde 06.25.2009

06.25.2009 Lesser Lights at Cafe du Norde

Sailboards and a pile of mammals

06.19.2009 Sailborders


Mike and Katie in a dogpile


My First Maker Faire: Maker Faire 2009 (it was awesome)

I’ve read about Maker Faire for years.

Most of the art, projects, crafts and surrounding mix of disparate nerd/geek/counter culture is inspiring.

This being my first year living in the Bay-ness, I decided to attend.

Aside from my inability to wake  up early enough to see 10-2 (sat) or 10-3  (sun), it was perfect.

I spent 6 hours there on Saturday and convinced my housemate, Katie, to come for day two and we spent 3 hours at the expo center Sunday.

She and I both LOVED the whole thing.

We also found a cheap, cool, local, southern Indian vegetarian restaurant about 5 blocks from the Expo Center, Annapoorna.

The service was wonderful and the food was inexpensive.

We got two entrees and could have shared one as large as the portions were.

Photos and Video of Maker Faire below!

Click here for full flickr set

Tesla Coils
05.30.2009 MakerFaire09 MakerFaire 039

Life-size mousetrap

05.30.2009 MakerFaire09 MakerFaire 078
05.30.2009 MakerFaire09 MakerFaire 075
Human/self-powered midway rides.
05.30.2009 MakerFaire09 MakerFaire 120
05.30.2009 MakerFaire09 MakerFaire 117
05.30.2009 MakerFaire09 MakerFaire 115

Moss kirin

Maker Faire 2009, makerfaire09, 05.31.2009 001
And more Bikes
05.30.2009 MakerFaire09 MakerFaire 112

Things that shoot fire.

Maker Faire 2009, makerfaire09, 05.31.2009 026

The gigantic mechanical hand.
Maker Faire 2009, makerfaire09, 05.31.2009 022

Kinetic Sculptures

Colored Kinetic Fluid as a dress