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May, 2009:

Nice to be a place people WANT to visit

My friend Meg was in town as a chaperone for teenagers on a trip.

She got some time away on Thur and we ate a little dinner (and my leftovers leaked a little all over stuff)

Then we went to the Tonga Room.

It is a neat place, but the service was horrible (messed up a Jameson neat twice).

Luckily the company made up for the service.

Meg and Nate
At the Tonga Room

Bayto Breakers 2009: walking zombies.

I went to my first Bay to Breakers yesterday and it was super fun!

Here are some photos of me and my friends Sara and Travis as zombies.

zombie Travis on the phone
sara will eat your brains!

Zombie Zebtron
Hey that cozy is empty, get that bloody zombie a beer 😉

Keenan wearing stuffed animal pants travis made for burning man

Random people walking

People dancing on the port-a-lets under the bridge.
bay to breakers 2009 015
and on the ground under the bridge
bay to breakers 2009 017

Click the panoramic image below to see a way better, larger version.

Zombies and french maids sit down for some food at the beach
(click it for a way cooler larger version)

‘Everything That Happens Will Happen Today’: I almost forgot about this album

Just bought the 2008 collaboration album from Brian Eno and David Byrne “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.”.

I got the vinyl/MP3 package and I’m digging the digi-ness while waiting for my 180gram vinyl.

There is a really cool deluxe package, but it is $70 (but damn cool).

Now I need to find someone(s) to go to the Show at the Greek Theatre (U.C. Berkeley)
Fri, Jun 26, 2009 08:00 PM

You can stream the album here

My cheap Vizio 22″ 1080p HDTV/monitor is a liar!

I bought this thing at Costco and it was pretty cheap.

It is freaks out when I plug devices into my PC.

And now it puts a message on the screen saying the VGA signal isn’t sending a signal.

It shows this message over top of the signal from the VGA input.

I found it mildly amusing.