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April, 2009:

My first (live) MLS match (was fun)

Due to [a cold/allergies] I’ve not been feeling super hot the last couple days, but despite a bit of a lack of energy I ended up going to see an MLS game.

The match between the San Jose Earthquakes and the LA Galaxy was at Oakland Coliseum.
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Matt on left Mike right

We got there 10 min after start and bought 3 tickets.

We missed only the first 15 minutes.

Other than watching a few of the World Cup matches a few years ago after just getting my first HDTV, I really don’t spend much time thinking about soccer.

And there were fireworks too

San Jose Earthquakes, MLS, LA Galaxy, 04.18.2009 042

The match, despite being a tie, was fun.

San Jose Earthquakes, MLS, LA Galaxy, 04.18.2009 021

Here are all my photos from the match.

San Jose Earthquakes vs LA Galaxy 04.18.2009 clip from zebtron on Vimeo.

Tekzilla at Web 2.0 Expo in SF (LIVE-ish)

I enjoy watching Tekzilla.
Patrick and Veronica bring a really good balance of use scenarios and personal perspective to things I find important.

Yesterday I say a tweet from Revision3 about a live recording for Tekzilla at the Web 2.0 Expo in SF.

Being a new bay area resident and a long-time fan of Revision3 content, I signed up and got my Exhibition Hall pass for the Expo.

I started following the Expo on twitter (@w2e) and was jazzed for the Rev3 meetup afterward.

I bik/BART/walk(ed) over to the Marcone center from Oakland and got my pass.

After wandering around on the floor of the exhibition hall, I walked outside and realized the show recording was up on the 3rd floor.

Waited in line for a 30 or so minutes and went inside.

The weird thing before and after finding a seat was that I recognized (and therefore thought i ‘knew’) the people from Revision3.
This was not limited to the show hosts, but also extended to interns, and company founders.

People I “feel” I “know” because I’ve seen them on my TV or computer.
That part was a bit weird, I guess like someone meeting a person they had read about in People magazine 😉

The show recording was fun.
I think I would have clapped more if I knew a time to do so.
Sadly this makes me understand APPLAUSE signs a bit more.
Show content was expecially cool, including an interview with @ev of twitter.

The Meetup afterward was really fun.

Patrick knows his stuff and I enjoyed listening to him talk off camera.

He deserves everything he has as an “on-air” personality.

He knows the low-level details of what he is talking about and does a great job boiling down for online video consumption.

Please watch the show (next week?) to get some details about SSD use.

He has pretty well informed information and does a great job of extracting the key details (from as he put it a ’10 page paper’).

I briefly intorduced myself to Veronica and saw Molly Wood.’
Overall, it was GREAT to get to see and thank some of the people who make compelling digital ocontent that I continue to consume.

Do some more!

Here are all the pics.