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December, 2008:

hey bloomington: u-store is a bunch of thieves

U-STORE IT MINI WAREHOUSES in Bloomington, IN is super shady.

Do NOT give them any of your money ever.

So I was in a storage space for a long time.

The spac was purchased and the they raised the rent from $35 to $50 and I wasn’t happy about THAT.

They had me sign a lease and the lease expired Aug 20.

I moved all my stuff out of the space before Aug 20.

I called and left a message thatI was moving out and wanted to know if there was anything I needed to do.

I heard nothing back.

Flash forward to Dec 8th and I notice four $50 charges on my account that all hit the same day with the name “U-STORE IT” as the recipient of the money.

Now after calling and talking to them more than three times, they refuse to give me any of my money back.

If they had actually billed me on their schedule I would certainly have noticed the $50 charge in September.

The told me today “Because you didn’t notify us we will not refund the money”.

1. I DID notify you and your incompetent employee lost the message.

2. You need to learn how to bill. It is NEVER acceptable to NOT bill someone for 1/3 of the year and THEN bill then 4 months at once.

3. You have no sense of honesty, good business, or honor.

4. If you had billed each month I would have noticed and called to cancel AGAIN.

At what point did businesses just start f-ing their customers as a business practice?

So I am STILL pursuing this with U-Store It.

I have also submitted a form to my bank identifying these charges as unauthorized.

To make is even sketchier, they are listed on this page on the U-Store It corporate site, but they don’t list it in the searches at all.

At this point I would be happy if they lost their ability to bill people via checking and also lose their franchise.

This whole thing makes me so angry my stomach is upset!

To reitterate:

U-STORE IT MINI WAREHOUSES in Bloomington, IN is super shady.

Do NOT give them any of your money ever.

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