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August, 2008:

Outta’ here (almost)

So my days in Bloomington as a resident are a thing of the past.

I have lived in Bloomington all but about 2 years since I came to IU for undergrad in 1993.

I do love (aspects of) Bloomington, but the big negatives were finally just too much.

1. Job market is horrible.

2. It is a town for the young.

3. Though there are many things to do, the town is just darn small.

4. The social scene is so inbred that it feels like high school.

5. The number of people in town I know and WANT to see is very low.  There are WAY more people I just plain DON’T want to see.

The saga has only begun!

Is China fake, dangerous, or just ‘super happy town’?

Fake fireworks

Fake little girl


Real keyloggers in Olympic screensavers?

What is China thinking?

Attn: CNN morons.. see a problem here? (flash is silly)

i love to contradict myself

Umm… isn’t 10 > 8?

What BS math is this?

Current state of customer service is abysmal (I’m talking about you Comcast)

I’m moving in a week and decided today I needed to call and cancel my cable TV and broadband.

Called Comcast residential and got it shut off, but they couldn’t tell me how much the bill would be.

Not very helpful, but I got what I needed done.

Then I had to call another number to get my business account cancelled.

Unfortunately, Comcast seems to use (Indian?) call centers for the business lines, but not residential.

You would think that paying MORE would get you better service, but that is not the case.

Business accounts cost more, but you far shittier service!

CSR: “I see your residential was cancelled already, you need to talk to residential cable to have it disconnected”

me: “I know it is disconnected, I just called and cancelled it.”

Guy then tells me two more times that I need to call residential.  It becomes pretty obvious that the guy doesn’t really understand what I am saying or that he is ignoring what I am saying.  I finally get him to realize that I indeed DID call the correct number.

Then he tells me that he is going to send me a form to fill out to say I want service disconnected.

me: “How am I suppossed to get this form to you?”

CSR: “FAX it.”

me: “I don’t have a FAX”

CSR: “Then you can mail it”

me: “fine”

CSR: “So what is your FAX number?”


The guy also refused to let me talk to his supervisor.

So after being on hold and finally talking to someone (who doesn’t know English very well) I STILL didn’t get my service cancelled.

COMCAST? you suck!

More new sketches!

Added some color and such.

phoenix v van

jennifer color

snake man

Sketches from last night (part one)

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