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June, 2008:

Good customer service at ‘Dick’s Sporting Goods’

I rode my bike out to the mall to return that rain suit I bought yesterday as it already ripped completed through the pants (nice product Eddie Bauer!).

I noticed as I was cabling my bike at Target that the front wheel felt loose.

After further investigation, it was REALLY loose.

It was so loose I was probably lucky it stayed on the bike.

Tried to tighten it and the axle bolt broke.

I went to Dick’s sporting goods hoping they had the part, but there was nothing on the shelves.

A guy in the bike section found a part for me (in the bike service parts cabinet), but they don’t actually sell these parts as they are for assembling bikes.

He talked to another employee and then ended up GIVING me the bolt.

Shouldn’t have been very expensive, but it was nice to get it for free rather than them telling me they don’t sell the part after I have had it in my hand.

Good job Dick’s!  You saved me from walking miles with my injured bike.

Playing with Painter

Jester fish

Monster Attack!

Just drew one of a few pics using my new graphics tablet.

Microscope Photos

USB Microscope Pics





Mobile data plans are so expensive

I am looking for a mobile device for Twitter/IM/Blogging and got really excited today about the new iPhone.

That was until I did some math and found the total cost of ownership (2 year w/o taxes) of a new iPhone.

The phone, voice, and data cost is almost $2000 ($1,878.76 16GB and $1,978.76 32GB. Includes $39.99/month for voice and $30/month for data)  for the contract-mandated 24 months.

That, to me, is far from a trivial amount of money.

So, I decided to revisit a few things.

1. Cost of mobile data on various mobile carriers including possible data-only plans.

2. N810 or Eee PC.

AT&T’s prices are about what everyone else offers (when you add text, data, voice, etc) so for me the first solution is out.

Looks like solution 2 (still have choices to make) is the winner as data plans are as much as cable and 12Mbps cable broadband.  I am sure if I had a need for such a device for work, I would pay it, but man, cell phone plans in general are overpriced for what you get.  Old Ma Bell wanted metered service for POTS and now they have it for wired.

WiMax will you save us?  I had an N800, but it full of of my car and I then ran over it.

I liked the device when I had it, so the N810 sounds pretty promising, but having full XP on the Eee is nice too. No decision yet.

For the dog you hate: Disney’s Old Yeller dogfood

Mmmmmmmm, Old Yeller...
“It’s the food that takes your dog out back and shoots it. Brought to you by Disney.”

From crowbar’s flickr stream

The injured ‘pet’ bumblebee

Last week there was what appeared to be an injured bumblebee.

I say ‘appeared’ because I am not a bee doctor and have no idea how to actually tell that a bee is injured, except that it seemed sluggish and couldn’t really fly.

Day 1

He was on the floor of our porch and tiny ants were attacking him. I picked him up and moved him to a plant. Another clue that he was out if it was how easily I moved him.

Day 2

I just took some photos assuming he would get out and fly away soon.

Day 3

I decided to do my best to help the bee get better. My logic being that perhaps he was just out of it from lack of food.

I filled a bottle cap with honey and another with water. He went after the honey like bee to.. ehhh…. ummm.
Day 4

He was flying around like crazy on the porch, but couldn’t seem to get outside.

I caught him in a can and let him go outside.

He flew away.

So is ‘bumblebee rehab’ now a hobby of mine?

Pics grouped by topic.

The bee eating.


Deam Wilderness Fire Tower

I love this place, especially the view.

Did some walking on a short trail.

And took photos (mainly) of flowers.