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April 25th, 2008:

Peter racing and playing music

Ready… go!

Peter and Elijah bike race from zebtron.

Now play some music….

peter and vince play from zebtron on Vimeo.

Is that god behind Sears?
041908_20101 target sunset

I saw this little thing running looped video on monitors at Target.
041908_20241 target CF video promo player

Saw this disgusting stuff at the store the other day: Budweiser and Clamata mixed in a can… yech!
041508_22192 nasty-sounding beer/clamata

Visit Bloomington like a person who doesn’t live here

Had dinner at Tallent the other day.  It was really good and the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Tiny Salad
04.22.2008 tallent salad

04.22.2008 tallent vegan risotto