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April 19th, 2008:

I will miss him (only for Daily Show content)

I NEVER voted for this man.
He stole the presidency TWICE!
I HATE him.
but.. he is so and stupid… that he is hella funny.
Good bye president moron!

Skype: weird audio tours of the globe

I just installed Skype so I could call my cell phone and try to find it.

Wandered around Skypecasts for shits and giggles and joined a couple calls.

I got a call back from someone in one of the calls. He was from Pakistan.

Things were really cool for a while.

I tried to ask him about USA politics to see if he had heard of the US primaries.

He hadn’t, so I turned the subject to Musharif.

Dude I was talking to did NOT like Musharif.. as much as most US residents do NOT like Bush.

He did, in fact, equates them to each other.

The conversation then seemed to descend into a quest to get money or products from me, but I will admit Iit could simply have been a bad translation moment.

As far as I know, he really is a 19yo kid who lives on a farm in Pakistan.

Here is a link he sent me

Skype is weird.