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April 11th, 2008:

Trancers: crap-tacular sci-fi

From the makers of “Puppet Master” comes a movie that is even worse. The acting is horrible, stunts laughable, effects cheesy, and acting abismal. If that if your cup of tea, rent “Trancers”. I had not seen it until today and man do I wish I had not, but at least I now have the experience of seeing a seriously bad ‘USA network in the 1980’s’ genre garbage-flic. The budget was obviously less than that of an episode of MacGyver and the overall quality of the film/video was just junk. Perhaps it was shot straight to video? Anyway, here is a boom mic in one of the scenes… not even really an important few seconds that couldn’t have been dropped in the edit, but they let it in. Super sloppy and lazy.
I almost want to remake this whole movie shot for shot as a parody. I could surely do better effects and can borrow a scooter (they ride scooters around).

The DVD menu link that labeled ‘web site’ plays a video of the mailing address and says “Send us a letter”… really? Wow.

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