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April 8th, 2008:

I wish every company was as nice as my bank

Spent yesterday dealing with billing, tech support, and such from 4 different companies to try to get my Comcast billing straightened out. Short story is that Comcast dropped the ball and lost my third party billing (work pays for a BB connection) billing information in the transition from Insight to Comcast.

I finally got the tech support folks at work to call some people with pull and got it fixed in a few hours.

Today my consumer experience was much better. I called my bank and visited a branch.

The people are always nice, and helpful.

So I whined about how crummy Comcast is, now I am praising Monroe Bank (Bloomington, IN).

fun with new camera features

long exposure test upland 04.06.2008
long exposure test upland 04.06.2008
04.05.2008_canon_pics 034