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April 5th, 2008:

Rockbox… umm ROCKS!

I have RockBox setup on my Sansa e250.

It adds a few features that are pretty cool.

1. FLAC file playback

2. Audio file bookmarks

3. JPEG image viewing

4. TXT file viewer

5. customizable themes

6. a whole bunch of games.

7. MPEG1/2 video playback

8. preservation of original firmware via bootloader

9. file tree browsing and playback

10. Gameboy Color emulator.

11. DOOM!

I didn’t even know about FLAC support when I installed RockBox and it is my favorite feature.

So if you have a device that supports RockBox, I would say go for it.

Bought this weird beast I twittered about yesterday.

I’m a sucker for something that is 25% of the original retail.

The “iSee 360i iPod Video/Recorder for iPod

It essentially uses an iPod exclusively as a hard drive and has it’s own processor and screen.

It records and plays back video.

I forgot I had a 4GB iPod mini sitting around that works perfecly, except for the lack of a useful screen.

I’ve used it for years as a small firewire drive, but now it gets to be more useful again.

I’m pretty sure the video will look so-so, but for $40 it should be fun.

I am thinking about finding a cheap video cam that just has an composite video out.