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April 4th, 2008:

kick ass: camera RAW format without buying a new camera

Wired has a really cool Wiki explaining how to get some great new features on a Canon camera using free custom software. It even leaves the existing firmware intact.

Biggest addition for me is the ability to shoot in camera raw format (CRW).

You will need to convert that CRW to a PNG, but that is pretty simple.

Even though the utility says it only support DIGIC II, it does work with the SD 800 IS which has a DIGIC III.

I am running a beta build on my Powershot SD800 IS.

Haven’t spent much time with it, but it is pretty cool so far.

I just love custom code on my consumer electronics!

Now I need to get RockBox running on my Sansa e250!

update: RockBox is running on my e250 and… well… rocks!

update: Here is some video I shot using CHDK’s ability to change the bitrate or quality via new menus.

Untitled from zebtron on Vimeo.
caveat: this video was converte3d in some manner my vimeo.

Barack knows art!

Obama talks about music and art.

I love this man.

And he is right about ‘No Child Left Behind’.

Just a tweet-hint

You can follow me on twitter. I think that is cool, but if I go check out your profile and all it says is “I want more people to follow me on Twitter”… I will NOT follow you.

at least tell me what sandwich you ate 😉

image from MechanicallySeparate dOkra