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April 3rd, 2008:

I despise DSL.

I thought I had gotten away from it, after my year of pain back in 2003 with a DSL contract.

It seemed like a better deal, but I missed Cable BB (and learned my lesson).

Now after 5 years not having to deal with DSL, my parents have it (sounds/feels like a disease).

DSL is good when it works as they came from Satellite internet which was slower and more expensive.

Problem is that the SAT BB seems to have had less problems.

This time the problem is static on the line.

I am guessing it is the wiring somewhere in their house or that runs to their other buildings

I told people I would not help them with AOL back when people still used it and not DSL is ‘the new AOL’.

Why do I have so many MP3 players?

I finally broke down and bought an MP3 player that is smaller than the 3 I already have.

I decided, as I am working out almost every day, that I needed a smaller PMP primarily for working out.

I wanted something that was:

1. cheap

2. small

3. had a memory card slot so I can easily update the card and then throw the card in the player. Also so I could have multiple cards.

4. FM tuner

And what did I find? The Sandisk Sansa e250. A 2GB flash-based MP3 player that almost/kinda’ does video. It plays WMA, MP3, AAC, audible, and WMA DRM files. Almost plays photos and video, but you are required to use the Windows-only software to convert the files into a format specific to the e2xx. It does have an FM tuner and records FM radio as well as voice messages using the built-in mic.

Did I mention it was $40? I have had this refurb for a few days now and really like it.

My refurb 30GB Zune is a bit jealous, as is my PSP, but they will be ok.

Looks like things are a bit faster

I have disabled all but 3 plug-ins for WordPress and things seem to be responding a little quicker now.

It was really bad for a minute; it took about 26 seconds for the site to load yesterday… ouch

Now I need to figure out why Twitter Tools posted my daily digest the first day and hasn’t since.

Then need to get the old blog stuff here and fix the log.  My list of “WordPress To Dos” is getting much shorter.