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April, 2008:

Photo from 2 years ago

Walking to the only job I have EVER been fired from, and I have had a job in some form since I was 12.

o shit! i almost forgot about this.

here is my freestyle ‘rap’ about the event Fired Friday
Matt in a hat walking to work 05.09.2006 003

Good news? I now work from home and make the same money. So didn’t work out too badly ūüėČ

Also it is my birthday may 14th. I will be 33. Having a party at my house on may 17th (sat). should be fun.

DM me on twitter @zebtron if you don’t know where i live or email zebtron+33 at gmail dot com

Some photos

light "long exposure"

light "long exposure"

light "long exposure"

light "long exposure"

04.09.2008_sun&light 009

light "long exposure" "uno moss"

light "long exposure" "uno moss"

upland ashley allison

upland ashley allison

R/C Car + camera = fun

Some test video of my new R/C car with a camera taped to the top of it.

I am going to get a more permanent camera for it soon.

RC CAR video test 001

RC car camera test

Snoop Dogg & Willie Nelson

Peter racing and playing music

Ready… go!

Peter and Elijah bike race from zebtron.

Now play some music….

peter and vince play from zebtron on Vimeo.

Is that god behind Sears?
041908_20101 target sunset

I saw this little thing running looped video on monitors at Target.
041908_20241 target CF video promo player

Saw this disgusting stuff at the store the other day: Budweiser and Clamata mixed in a can… yech!
041508_22192 nasty-sounding beer/clamata

Visit Bloomington like a person who doesn’t live here

Had dinner at Tallent the other day.  It was really good and the staff is very helpful and friendly.

Tiny Salad
04.22.2008 tallent salad

04.22.2008 tallent vegan risotto

I will miss him (only for Daily Show content)

I NEVER voted for this man.
He stole the presidency TWICE!
I HATE him.
but.. he is so and stupid… that he is hella funny.
Good bye president moron!

Skype: weird audio tours of the globe

I just installed Skype so I could call my cell phone and try to find it.

Wandered around Skypecasts for shits and giggles and joined a couple calls.

I got a call back from someone in one of the calls. He was from Pakistan.

Things were really cool for a while.

I tried to ask him about USA politics to see if he had heard of the US primaries.

He hadn’t, so I turned the subject to Musharif.

Dude I was talking to did NOT like Musharif.. as much as most US residents do NOT like Bush.

He did, in fact, equates them to each other.

The conversation then seemed to descend into a quest to get money or products from me, but I will admit Iit could simply have been a bad translation moment.

As far as I know, he really is a 19yo kid who lives on a farm in Pakistan.

Here is a link he sent me

Skype is weird.

A good day

So today was the first day I took my work laptop outside and it is just a sad state of affairs.

Why do are all laptops (sans OLPC) so horrible in direct sunlight?

At this point in time, should we not have better screens?

I got around some of the problems by making my mouse pointer super annoying.

Mouse trails and giant cursors both helped a bunch, but after a while I had to cower in the shade.

There needs to be a simple filter/glasses combination that works around the problems.

How common are crazy plane landings?

There was a video on YouTube recently of another commercial flight with insane crosswinds landing successfully.

How common are landings like this? Are they far more common than one might think and the sheer number of cameras in the world are just now showing us these incidents?

These pilots are great. They need to get special pay for saving such a friggin’ crazy landing.

And here is a Hong Kong flight that I saw on Dvorak’s blog.

Trancers: crap-tacular sci-fi

From the makers of “Puppet Master” comes a movie that is even worse. The acting is horrible, stunts laughable, effects cheesy, and acting abismal. If that if your cup of tea, rent “Trancers”. I had not seen it until today and man do I wish I had not, but at least I now have the experience of seeing a seriously bad ‘USA network in the 1980’s’ genre garbage-flic. The budget was obviously less than that of an episode of MacGyver and the overall quality of the film/video was just junk. Perhaps it was shot straight to video? Anyway, here is a boom mic in one of the scenes… not even really an important few seconds that couldn’t have been dropped in the edit, but they let it in. Super sloppy and lazy.
I almost want to remake this whole movie shot for shot as a parody. I could surely do better effects and can borrow a scooter (they ride scooters around).

The DVD menu link that labeled ‘web site’ plays a video of the mailing address and says “Send us a letter”… really? Wow.

Some hot bloggy linkness

‘Scratching’¬†(spikes sent this one to me) with¬†audio¬†cassettes¬†and¬†the¬†guy¬†isn’t¬†even¬†from¬†Cuban¬†or¬†Russia

or some other place where it is hard to find a turntable.

Some twitter tools
Utterz: Pics and such to social shizzle from your cell
Hellotxt: post to multiple microblogs from one place.
Tweet Clouds: search through twitter data for tags and such
Want to get rid of those files OS X leaves on your Windows drives?  Lifehacker has a fix for you.

BillShrink: find the cheapest cell phone plan in your area (via TechCrunch)


All Songs Considered sneak preview of cool upcoming music.

MsPinky’s ‚ÄúMaxi-Patch‚ÄĚ: control¬†digital¬†files¬†(including video) using¬†your¬†turntable

MuxTape:¬†make¬†free custom¬†online¬†MP3¬†‘mix¬†tapes’.

Facial Hair: O what time changes


Looking into the mirror after a fresh hair clip and shave today, I couldn’t help but think back (wavy lines) In high-school I was a bit down about my lack of facial hair. Unfortunately, this was one of the few things in life my ‘wishing’ worked. I now have facial hair everywhere on the sphere of my head except: 1. 2 ‘silver dollar size’ circles below my eyes. 2. one mom’s side of the family balding region on the top of my head. 3. one dad’s side of the family balding region on the front of the top of my head. 4. inside my ears (time will change that I suppose)

BBC should extend license fees to N America

It would make so much sense for the BBC to offer streaming television (IPTV) in N America.

With the launch of the BBC iPlayer, we know the technology is already there.

The BBC has a huge opportunity to  make gigantic audience inroads.

Potentially, they would be able to sell N America the same programming without having to operate any physical terrestrial broadcast equipment.

Yes, they would most likely need to locate some additional server in the Americas, but the probable cost/viewer ration dropping for IP only TV, it should be a way to subsidize British TV using overseas funds.

From¬†best¬†I¬†can¬†tell¬†the¬†annual¬†fee¬†for “residents of the UK pay ¬£116.00 a year for a color TV license”.

I think the biggest obstacle would be existing BBC America deals with cable and satellite.

Come on BBC!

I¬†want¬†your¬†content¬†(Sky¬†too)¬†but¬†I¬†don’t¬†want nor need ¬†US cable¬†or¬†satellite¬†money¬†grubbers¬†in¬†the¬†middle.


Some long exposure experiment photos

Here is the set.

and now some examples.
04.09.2008 long exposure experiment
04.09.2008 long exposure experiment
04.09.2008 long exposure experiment
04.09.2008 long exposure experiment

“Altered States”=so good

Alteres States
I have the “Altered States” DVD from Netflix.

The DVD is a horrible transfer and has, shamefully, never been remastered and resissued.

Despite those flaws with the DVD itself, the film is wonderful.

The story is great, it has talented actors, and the visual effects are amazing (especially for 1980).

I threw the DVD on as a distraction and now and not going to be able to stop the film until it has played through. In some ways it reminds me of “Dreamscape”, but “Dreamscape” is not half as interesting as “Altered States”.
Alteres States

Here are some YouTube clips




Fan montage

Vimeo vs Flickr video

Same video file uploaded (albeit a crummy quality source file)



Far too many OS X software updates: I am scared.

Picture 1

I am filled with fear!

I wish every company was as nice as my bank

Spent yesterday dealing with billing, tech support, and such from 4 different companies to try to get my Comcast billing straightened out. Short story is that Comcast dropped the ball and lost my third party billing (work pays for a BB connection) billing information in the transition from Insight to Comcast.

I finally got the tech support folks at work to call some people with pull and got it fixed in a few hours.

Today my consumer experience was much better. I called my bank and visited a branch.

The people are always nice, and helpful.

So I whined about how crummy Comcast is, now I am praising Monroe Bank (Bloomington, IN).

fun with new camera features

long exposure test upland 04.06.2008
long exposure test upland 04.06.2008
04.05.2008_canon_pics 034