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Technodifier 037


Technodifier 037 [18:55]

September 17th, 2007

Back from the summer hiatus.

odiogo: makes a podcast from your blog

new ipods

What the ipod touch DOESN’T do that the iphone does (other than the phone part)

1. There is no email application

2. Unlike the iPhone, the Touch doesn’t let you SCHEDULE calendar appts… only view those you setup on your computer.

3. No bluetooth.

4. Like the iPhone, no flash browser support

5. Oh yeah… and shitty small storage space at 8 and 16GB.

6. Lacks camera, microphone, and speakers of iPhone

So the Nokia N800 internet tablet looks better and better.
I think it even beats the iPhone with the recent addition of Skype support.

  • 800 x 480 touchscreen
  • Opera 8 with Flash 9 support (flash video)
  • 2 SDHC slots: 1 internal, one external. Support up to 8GB each.
  • Full stereo bluetooth
  • Google Talk
    • Video conferencing supported too.
  • Skype
  • Email client application
  • Full calendering
  • PDF viewer
  • Open Linux platform (applications!)
  • GPS module add-on support
  • Streaming video and audio
  • Mic, camera, speakers
  • NO AT&T… yeah!

macbook near death experience

New 22″ LCD

Wired NEXTFest 2007 in LA
-ferrous liquid
-dancing robot from the spoon video
-multi touch

Numark TTX-USB
: redux

Weird XP share issue resolved!

MS Live Writer blogging tool




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