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Technodifier 037




Technodifier 037 [18:55] 

September 17th, 2007

Back from the summer hiatus.

odiogo: makes a podcast from your blog

new ipods

What the ipod touch DOESN’T do that the iphone does (other than the phone part)

1. There is no email application

2. Unlike the iPhone, the Touch doesn’t let you SCHEDULE calendar appts… only view those you setup on your computer.

3. No bluetooth.

4. Like the iPhone, no flash browser support

5. Oh yeah… and shitty small storage space at 8 and 16GB.

6. Lacks camera, microphone, and speakers of iPhone

So the Nokia N800 internet tablet looks better and better.
I think it even beats the iPhone with the recent addition of Skype support.

  • 800 x 480 touchscreen
  • Opera 8 with Flash 9 support (flash video)
  • 2 SDHC slots: 1 internal, one external. Support up to 8GB each.
  • Full stereo bluetooth
  • Google Talk
    • Video conferencing supported too.
  • Skype
  • Email client application
  • Full calendering
  • PDF viewer
  • Open Linux platform (applications!)
  • GPS module add-on support
  • Streaming video and audio
  • Mic, camera, speakers
  • NO AT&T… yeah!

macbook near death experience

New 22″ LCD

Wired NEXTFest 2007 in LA
-ferrous liquid
-dancing robot from the spoon video
-multi touch

Numark TTX-USB
: redux

Weird XP share issue resolved!

MS Live Writer blogging tool





Technodifier 036 [34:08] 

Google Maps adds cool new ‘Street View’ feature

Media has an orgasm about MS’s new multitouch device: Surface

TiVo talking about a new cheaper ‘lite’ HD device

Apple TV: now with 160GB drive option and with added YouTube support

256GB solid state drive

Gates & Jobs together for a sit down interview

Kick ass steampunk monitor mod

Saga continues: Best Buy is shady

Limited edition Bob Marley music on thumbdrive

USB/digi out/ turntables…

Parallels v3 adds 3D support (among other things)
video demo of Quake 4 running in OS X via parallels XP

Matt finally getting up to speed on his blog; after 2000 posts 😉

What does the DMCA have to do with the electric slide?

Dreamhost passwords compromised.

Josh gets a new phone and can finally use some mp3 ringtones.
And broadband. finally.

What can open source do to a set top media player?

iPhone reviews and coverage out the iAss!
Pogue video review





Technodifier 035 [17:26] 

05.23.2007 Podcasts 018.jpg
DRM on the out; one step at a time.

AACS is broken again.. before the first fix is even out
ABC bringing HD streams for shows

Engadget Apple faux email post fucks up Apple stock value.

  • The real question? Who sent the message in the first place?
  • Josh is the only one w/out a macbook now.

Matt’s new camera

802.11n sucks.. but there is a new standard
Matt has a new HD upscaling DVD/DiVx player Philips

When the fuck is HL2: ep2 coming out?
Matt almost bought a refurbed Xbox360

Let us talk about refurbs…

  • Paul: Viewsonic HD ready LCD with analog tuner
  • Matt: PS2
  • Josh: might get a phone sometime soon

Google added an autosave function to Blogger… thank Thor!
Google also wants to know everything they can about you.

STEAM/Valve is pissing me off…
HL2:ep2 is NOT being sold by itself…

  • fuck ’em

MIDI talking synth thing.





Technodifier 034 [36:59] 

Netflix improves online movie viewing (adds new browsers and Mac support)

Peter Gabriel’s take on how to do free music.

NetRadio execution postponed
Technological Deja Vu! Oops! Master HD-DVD decryption code found
Images that carry the code
Code cannot be revoked?
And MPAA goes after Digg too.

For some unknown reason, Matt is really digging Twitter right now.

So you using Google Docs?
How about a way to automate

So many Apple security updates, so little talk of them from Apple

God of War for the PSP

Using tech to improve the world.
Interview: The Google Earth / Holocaust Museum Crisis In Sudan project

InsightBB cracking down on people who use their service?

Matt wants some sort of HD based media player/ external drive.
Will this work?
Apple customer support is crap: You have to email Jobs directly to get anything done

Cool web file widget






Technodifier 033 [23:21] 

Apple TV is now a “cheap” “Mac”.

  • if you just want video, buy an Xbox and use XBMC

JOOST: interesting new way for TV
Vista: on Matt’s MacBook now
VMWare fusion new beta
Google Launches Free 411 Service

K.I.T.T. from Knight Rider for sale

GTA IV trailer
Newest PSP FW 3.30 decrypted: custom FW soon to come?
Sony offering 6 months free access with 3.30 FW through tMobile hotspots
PSP core price dropped to $169.99 from $199.99

  • All it needs now is a cheap 4GB MS Duo Pro bundle

MS following EMI and Apple’s lead: removing DRM from some of catalog in Zune marketplace.

Engadget Hands-On with Sansa’s WiFi PMP
MS drops lawsuit against FairUse3WM creator





Technodifier 032 [38:19] 

The Technodifier is 1 year old! (born feb 20 2006)
ahh…. so cute!

Snapper Demo
Audio App(le) Demo
Snapper: Cool demo of audio program for OS X (warning video link)

Matt has been playing with Vista via Parallels (w/o Aero and flip 3D mind you)
PMP of the week
Slacker: satellite, wifi, web browser, desktop, portable player… music store?
Watch… Apple will steal the idea once Slacker blows all the VC money.
Slacker Player
Picture update on Engadget

Grand Central
Well I think we talked about in a past show, but it has now been one-upped by another free beta service. This time the service is called and is based in Oakland. Essentially it acts as a proxy for your incoming phone calls and messages (VM).
You select a number and then give that number to people you know.

You can then set the service to ring ALL of your phones when someone calls.
The really nice thing is that you NEVER have to give out your real number(s) and if your cellie, home, or work numbers change it never matters b/c you can simply update your online profile.

TiVo Desktop 2.4beta for Windows

Update on Amazon Unbox on TiVo Series 2+

jungle Crazy
Jungle Crazy
‘Crazy’ deals from

Clean black MacBook
How to Clean your Black MacBook (Google Cache mirror)
Battlestar Galactica Videomaker Toolkit
Battlestar Galactica video contest with authentic media

Beryl: out ‘MACing’ OS X
More candy for your eye wholes!

Reactable. dude.





Technodifier 031 [26:45] 

We are now live at

TiVo finally brings downloadable movie rentals and purchases to your TV.

Netflix doing digital video download/steaming
Click on the FAQ and check out the “watch now”link
You then can enable playback in XP SP2
or… get it going in Parallels ‘inside’ OS X.
check the 1.28.07 13.49 post by Gregz99jlk4 #4 post

Professor gets hassled by univ for using TOR

How about a 3TB server for your house?
That would last me a few weeks 😉

Getting Google’s attention: YouTube Style!

Rechargeable Li-Ion USB power on the go!

Rick looking at a media playing enclosure like this really cool one


Call it a fan-ad or anti-ad, but it is a dead-on yankoesque take on the PS3
and it has been watched > 110k X!

-pimpstreamer in Parallels
-custom firmware adds full resolution video and PS1 game support

Hacking your life (drive)
-replacing the Microdrive with a CF card for increased battery life and speed

Hacking a (verizon) Motorola V710
-adding real BT support (phone book, use BT modem w/o a data plan)
getting it to work with iSync

iTunes plugin (visualization)





Technodifier 030 [28:03] 


NAMM is happening again

FCC: XM/Cingular merger? NO! Free web-based voicemail with custom outgoing messages based on caller ID.
Pretty cool concept.
You can even set it up to play an outgoing message and then hang up (based on Caller ID).

Sega will stop making GD-ROM, bye bye Dreamcast
Half Life 2: ep 2 coming in 2 forms

Paul and Matt playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance






Technodifier 029 [34:05] 

CES, MacWorld… shit couldn’t be more busy in the tech world.
welcome to 2007!

New version of Paralles for Mac: beta3
and a tool to convert VMWare images for use with Parallels
And what about Crossover, and VMWare Fusion?

Matt has finally replaced his 6 year old TiVo series1 with a new Series2
TiVo to Go for Mac… kinda…
for way cheaper than the ‘real’ $80 version that just came out…

Way to expensive, but a cool concept (especially for college textbooks)
Sony eBook reader
iRiver has one too!

Is Second Life using press to spread misleading information?

Rumors abound: Has HD-DVD’s encryption been cracked? (not really)

How about a 1TB HD?

or a PC HD-DVD burner…
or a Bluray burner and HD-DVD reader

CES is a-coming as is

And Sony has decided they will no longer make computer monitors…

Luxpro wins Apple knock-off shuffle lawsuit… and counter sues Apple

Ms to introduce ‘Home server;?
more details…
Is this a work around for the super dinky Xbox360 HD?
iPod rip-off interface for DS

Vista Sideshow in the wild?

Credit Card sized MP3 player…
I used to have an FM radio that was this small… when I was a kid

Xbox360 v2?

Brazil court orders YouTube shutdown… but they have no authority in the US
How about a 32GB flash-based ‘HD’
Xbox360 iptv

Matt is trying to get Synergy working b/w his mac and Xp machine… with little luck

cingular and apple launching phone?
will it NOT suck like the old itunes phone?
josh says leave the cell phones to the south koreans. but more importantly, phones should not have
interfaces (like itunes) you have to use in order to get music on their phones (like their ipods).
what about these iphones?





Technodifier 028 [18:32] 

Wednesday December 20, 2006

Comcast offers on demand same day as DVD release
Stereo Bluetooth headphones
LED lights

I need a TB drive

Weird Dell RAM thing

HD for my MacBook?
this one

My first iDVD 😉

Paul played with a Stanton C.314



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