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Technodifier 036 [34:08]

Google Maps adds cool new ‘Street View’ feature

Media has an orgasm about MS’s new multitouch device: Surface

TiVo talking about a new cheaper ‘lite’ HD device

Apple TV: now with 160GB drive option and with added YouTube support

256GB solid state drive

Gates & Jobs together for a sit down interview

Kick ass steampunk monitor mod

Saga continues: Best Buy is shady

Limited edition Bob Marley music on thumbdrive

USB/digi out/ turntables…

Parallels v3 adds 3D support (among other things)
video demo of Quake 4 running in OS X via parallels XP

Matt finally getting up to speed on his blog; after 2000 posts 😉

What does the DMCA have to do with the electric slide?

Dreamhost passwords compromised.

Josh gets a new phone and can finally use some mp3 ringtones.
And broadband. finally.

What can open source do to a set top media player?

iPhone reviews and coverage out the iAss!
Pogue video review


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