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Technodifier: 05.07


Technodifier 036 [34:08]

Google Maps adds cool new ‘Street View’ feature

Media has an orgasm about MS’s new multitouch device: Surface

TiVo talking about a new cheaper ‘lite’ HD device

Apple TV: now with 160GB drive option and with added YouTube support

256GB solid state drive

Gates & Jobs together for a sit down interview

Kick ass steampunk monitor mod

Saga continues: Best Buy is shady

Limited edition Bob Marley music on thumbdrive

USB/digi out/ turntables…

Parallels v3 adds 3D support (among other things)
video demo of Quake 4 running in OS X via parallels XP

Matt finally getting up to speed on his blog; after 2000 posts 😉

What does the DMCA have to do with the electric slide?

Dreamhost passwords compromised.

Josh gets a new phone and can finally use some mp3 ringtones.
And broadband. finally.

What can open source do to a set top media player?

iPhone reviews and coverage out the iAss!
Pogue video review


Technodifier 035 [17:26]

05.23.2007 Podcasts 018.jpg
DRM on the out; one step at a time.

AACS is broken again.. before the first fix is even out
ABC bringing HD streams for shows

Engadget Apple faux email post fucks up Apple stock value.

  • The real question? Who sent the message in the first place?
  • Josh is the only one w/out a macbook now.

Matt’s new camera

802.11n sucks.. but there is a new standard
Matt has a new HD upscaling DVD/DiVx player Philips

When the fuck is HL2: ep2 coming out?
Matt almost bought a refurbed Xbox360

Let us talk about refurbs…

  • Paul: Viewsonic HD ready LCD with analog tuner
  • Matt: PS2
  • Josh: might get a phone sometime soon

Google added an autosave function to Blogger… thank Thor!
Google also wants to know everything they can about you.

STEAM/Valve is pissing me off…
HL2:ep2 is NOT being sold by itself…

  • fuck ’em

MIDI talking synth thing.


Technodifier 034 [36:59]

Netflix improves online movie viewing (adds new browsers and Mac support)

Peter Gabriel’s take on how to do free music.

NetRadio execution postponed
Technological Deja Vu! Oops! Master HD-DVD decryption code found
Images that carry the code
Code cannot be revoked?
And MPAA goes after Digg too.

For some unknown reason, Matt is really digging Twitter right now.

So you using Google Docs?
How about a way to automate

So many Apple security updates, so little talk of them from Apple

God of War for the PSP

Using tech to improve the world.
Interview: The Google Earth / Holocaust Museum Crisis In Sudan project

InsightBB cracking down on people who use their service?

Matt wants some sort of HD based media player/ external drive.
Will this work?
Apple customer support is crap: You have to email Jobs directly to get anything done

Cool web file widget

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