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Technodifier 032 [38:19]

The Technodifier is 1 year old! (born feb 20 2006)
ahh…. so cute!

Snapper Demo
Audio App(le) Demo
Snapper: Cool demo of audio program for OS X (warning video link)

Matt has been playing with Vista via Parallels (w/o Aero and flip 3D mind you)
PMP of the week
Slacker: satellite, wifi, web browser, desktop, portable player… music store?
Watch… Apple will steal the idea once Slacker blows all the VC money.
Slacker Player
Picture update on Engadget

Grand Central
Well I think we talked about in a past show, but it has now been one-upped by another free beta service. This time the service is called and is based in Oakland. Essentially it acts as a proxy for your incoming phone calls and messages (VM).
You select a number and then give that number to people you know.

You can then set the service to ring ALL of your phones when someone calls.
The really nice thing is that you NEVER have to give out your real number(s) and if your cellie, home, or work numbers change it never matters b/c you can simply update your online profile.

TiVo Desktop 2.4beta for Windows

Update on Amazon Unbox on TiVo Series 2+

jungle Crazy
Jungle Crazy
‘Crazy’ deals from

Clean black MacBook
How to Clean your Black MacBook (Google Cache mirror)
Battlestar Galactica Videomaker Toolkit
Battlestar Galactica video contest with authentic media

Beryl: out ‘MACing’ OS X
More candy for your eye wholes!

Reactable. dude.

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