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Technodifier: 02.07


Technodifier 031 [26:45]

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TiVo finally brings downloadable movie rentals and purchases to your TV.

Netflix doing digital video download/steaming
Click on the FAQ and check out the “watch now”link
You then can enable playback in XP SP2
or… get it going in Parallels ‘inside’ OS X.
check the 1.28.07 13.49 post by Gregz99jlk4 #4 post

Professor gets hassled by univ for using TOR

How about a 3TB server for your house?
That would last me a few weeks 😉

Getting Google’s attention: YouTube Style!

Rechargeable Li-Ion USB power on the go!

Rick looking at a media playing enclosure like this really cool one


Call it a fan-ad or anti-ad, but it is a dead-on yankoesque take on the PS3
and it has been watched > 110k X!

-pimpstreamer in Parallels
-custom firmware adds full resolution video and PS1 game support

Hacking your life (drive)
-replacing the Microdrive with a CF card for increased battery life and speed

Hacking a (verizon) Motorola V710
-adding real BT support (phone book, use BT modem w/o a data plan)
getting it to work with iSync

iTunes plugin (visualization)

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