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July, 2005:

Show notes for Tcast_001 Z4bl0g Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Show notes for

Stem Cell Bill Said Lacks Senate Support

Discovery crew may have to repair shuttle
And yet…
NASA outlines plans for moon and Mars
overtly honest and forthright (Nightline podcast)

Iran Nucleur program to resume?
and on a happier Nucleur note…
‘Principles’ to lay ground for N Korea nuclear deal

New Wi-Fi record (in the desert)
Defcon WiFi 125 miles
12ms ping
ran VNC
Last year…
Wired published a comic for the record set by the same team last year

Apple “News”
Apple Mac OS X on beige box x86???

Apple video iPod
PSP v 2.0 FW adds video support, AAC format, pod ast, download any file, ???

BBC Series from the people who brought us “Shaun of the Dead”




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